Yet Another Day, Yet Another Shooting
Yet Still Not Enough Done

Is This The New American Norm?


These shootings are becoming so frequent, I fear the general population is growing a numbness when hearing about them. Even more frightening instead of coming together to repair the cracks in the wall, those cracks are left to grow into gaping fissures.

How to achieve “Listen UP” status

I suggest a campaign that may seem a bit morbid. Post a picture of every fatality in the last 3 years as well as those who were injured but lived. They would be held up by family members and survivors. Each with a caption: What About My Rights?

Where Do I Stand?

I am on record as being pro-gun ownership. I am also on record as saying “The conversation should be about What Can We Do?  We don’t have wait till it’s an out of hand problem. That marker past long ago.

Before we begin

We must accept that there will be  no finite solution.

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

The mounting losses of life are way beyond comprehension.

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